Crypto Credit in Nairobi

On May 23rd, from 18:00 to 19:30, I will be at Utu House in Nairobi. I’ll be talking about credit scoring, cryptocurrencies, and the very strange future that many of us are sleepwalking into.  Some of the topics I’ll be covering are discussed in this recent blog post.

If you’re in Nairobi, please join us at:

Utu House
Lower Kabete

If you have any trouble, please call 0715 656755.

NB: Utu House does not provide parking so best to use taxi services such as MARAMOJA transport.

Hitting a home run at Demo Day Hong Kong

What a whirlwind!

After spending 3 months building a demo for the accelerator program, and relentlessly drilling Paul to memorize that pitch until he was ready to tear all his hair from his head, strand by strand, we put on our fanciest gown and Graychain was the belle of the ball, along with 14 other wonderful and diverse debutants.

We had:

AI plays of several flavors
eSports friendly gaming wagers
Edge ML, computer vision
Bolo’s Yolo cabbie mission
Tennis coaches on your wrist
Videos that don’t exist
But after all was said and done
Graychain’s scored the night as won

Paul pitching in front of hundreds of new Graychain fans

We were humbled and elated by the outpouring of interest and support from new potential partners, investors, and customers.

Thanks Zeroth for the amazing opportunity, and we’ll be pitching again at Zeroth’s Tokyo event on March 18th! for details here’s the link: