Can I undo a transaction?

No. There is no undo. There is no middle man, woman, or thing between you and your friends. If you send someone the wrong amount of money, work it out with them. If you send money to the wrong person, you’d better hope they’re nice enough to send it back.

No, really, I screwed up, can you help?

No. If you sent too much money to the right person, or any amount of money to the wrong person, you’re on your own. If you ask support for help fixing your mistake, they will send you a one-emoji answer: [LOL]

Can I use Graypay to buy things that are illegal?

Can you use US Dollars to buy things that are illegal? Same answer. But really, don’t be an idiot. Jail sucks.

Can the tax authorities find out how much money I was sent via Graypay?

The tax authorities can find out your mother’s maiden name, even if you don’t tell them. Assume they know everything and your life will be sweet. Unless you marry the wrong person, then your good relationship with the tax authorities won’t matter so much.

If my drug dealer tells me it's safe to pay him with Graypay, should I believe him?

If your drug dealer told you the crap he’s selling you is uncut, would you believe him? Seriously, unless you’ve been doing drugs for a very long time, use your remaining brain cells to figure this one out on your own.

Why is it so complicated to setup a wallet?

Because wallets were designed by nerds for nerds. Incredibly, they don’t think they’re complicated at all. If you think they are, count yourself lucky because it means you are a normal person. We’re going to fix this, but give us a bit of time. Until then, humor your inner-nerd (everyone has one), and be thankful the real nerds are out there. Without them we’d still be living in mud caves with no fire.

Why do the exchanges want so much information about me?

It’s complicated, but basically, Uncle Sam (and lots of other uncles across the planet) likes to keep track of what people do. They especially like to keep track of how their citizens make and spend their money. Unless you had trouble figuring out why you shouldn’t trust your drug dealer, you can probably figure out why.

Do I really need a crypto wallet to use Graypay?


Do I really need an exchange to use Graypay?

No. You can start with an empty wallet, have a friend send you some money, and then take it from there. Of course, if you ever want to convert the Ether in your wallet to old school currency, you’ll need an exchange.

What browsers are compatible with Graypay?

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave.

Can I use Graypay on my mobile phone?

Sort of. We don’t have a mobile app yet, but you can use the dapp in any wallet that supports dapps, like Coinbase Wallet.

Who writes your FAQs?

We use a service called FAQ-o-Matic which derives FAQs from our support tickets, and then run their output through a sarcasm filter. Works for us.